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When it comes to protecting your assets, people, and property in Little Rock, AR, you can rely on Security Solutions of America.
Security Solutions of America works for companies that value the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have the most experienced source of on-site security guard services, video surveillance, and 24/7 video monitoring. Because our security personnel have law enforcement and military backgrounds, you gain access to the highest levels of security experience and skills. Virtual security guards backup your on-site team, keep watch over your business at all times, and provide audio intervention to deter would-be criminals. All your surveillance data remains in the cloud.

Security Solutions of America is Tailor-Made for Little Rock, Arkansas

Security Solutions of America guards and professionals live where we work. We care about the community – because it’s our community too. Our services are perfectly suited for the interests and industries in Little Rock, including:

  • Advanced Infrastructure Manufacturing
  • Corporate/Academic Operations
  • Distribution and Logistics Companies
  • Regional Energy Transmissions Organizations
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Technology Startups

Why Choose Security Solutions of America in Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Security Solutions armed guards have extensive military and law enforcement experience, making them the most qualified and tested professionals in the industry
  • Security Solutions professionals live and work in Little Rock so we understand the security needs and demands of companies in the area
  • Virtual guards in our command center help on-site security professionals with real-time remote monitoring, audio intervention, and talk downs
  • Industry-leading video monitoring technology provides real-time protection from potential theft, vandalism, and robbery
  • Video recordings live in the cloud for maximum data protection

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Little Rock, Arkansas: Welcoming Culture, Historically Prosperous, and Nature Driven

Little Rock is a not-so-hidden gem. Arkansas’ capital city is one of the most affordable places in the U.S. to visit, lay down roots, and enjoy life. The city is abundantly rich in museums, and its history is rich and accessible. People in Little Rock are known for their love of nature. You can explore incredible landscapes all throughout the city. Arts and culture are celebrated and encouraged – the city is host to a variety of festivals throughout the year, and regular live music is the heartbeat of Little Rock.