Remote Guarding
Monitor and protect your business 24/7 from our state of the art command center. Security Solutions specializes in expert remote video surveillance for industries throughout the United States. Using the latest technology and our years of remote security expertise, our professionals can respond to incidents in real-time, providing an effective security platform regardless of where your business is located. Know more about our state-of-the-art remote guarding technology.
Perimeter Security
Security Solutions’s perimeter security is customizable and effective at keeping your property protected inside, while ensuring threats stay outside your perimeter. Our weather-resistant, round-the-clock surveillance technology easily integrates with your existing or new security infrastructure (Cameras, Access control or Manned Guarding).

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Free Active Shooter Seminar

Security Solutions of America hosted a successful Active Shooter seminar October 20, 2021. The presenter Gary Sylvestri, a former police officer discussed key information on crucial safety actions in the event of an active shooter encounter. He also discussed recent active shooter incidents in the country, shooter traits, statistics, hostile work scenarios…

10 Ways to Honor Fallen Military on Memorial Day

For most of us, Memorial Day means a day off of work, family barbeques, and the kickoff to summer. For many, its significance runs much deeper. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and a chance to honor those who lost their lives in active military service. It takes place on the last Monday of…

The Bad Guys Have Allies: Do You?

Why do bad things happen? It’s a question that is often asked in hindsight after a security threat or incident occurs. While you can never fully eliminate all security risks from your business, it’s important to make your property as safe as possible to deter any potential threats. Staying in-tune with the mindset and capabilities…

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