Remote Guarding
Security Solutions’s remote guarding perimeter protection offers both preventative and proactive monitoring techniques. Through detailed designs tailored to each location. Remote guarding allows you to reduce risk through adequate security measures, increasing your total business awareness and control of your site.

Automatic intrusion detections are addressed through intelligent software that analyzes real-time video feeds from the monitored location’s cameras. External speakers and microphones provide one-way or two-way audio communications between the client site and the Command Center. Once an intrusion is detected, live video and audio are automatically streamed to Security Solutions’s Command Center via the internet. The intruder is then alerted, and appropriate authorities are notified. Extensive testing has proven that when warned, 93% of the intruders leave immediately.

Remote Access
Security Solutions’s virtual access control agent can check a person into a gated area or an unmanned lobby. The remote agent can check and record the person’s information, and if they meet your established access control criteria, they allow access.
Remote Guard Virtual Patrols
Security Solutions’s video-based virtual patrols provide additional support through increased surveillance of your facility’s critical areas. Virtual Patrols will identify observed crimes in progress, threats, malfunctioning cameras, debris, loss of equipment and report these concerns promptly.

Once an event is detected, we utilize our voice-down capabilities to make the necessary announcements and escalate to the proper authority (Client Contact, Security Staff, Law Enforcement, EMS, etc.) as needed. A thorough inspection of your property in critical areas provides increased security, oversight, and compliance with company systems and procedures.

Help Assist
Security Solutions’s Help Assist service, you can be confident your security features are fully functional and available when needed the most. During an incident you’ll have Security Solutions of America’s highly trained agents actively monitoring the incident in real-time to help bring it to the safest possible outcome, while providing accurate information to Law Enforcement, EMS, the Client, etc.
Technology Health Check
Security Solutions’s health check actively monitors your system’s health to know if a problem arises (camera fails, server crashes, network failure, etc.). We create and record a work maintenance ticket, notify the integrator and partner with them to resolve the issue.

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